Adjunct Instructor--Nursing--Obstetrics and Pediatrics

Principal Accountabilities:

An incumbent may perform any combination of the below listed accountabilities as determined by the supervisor:

1. Plans, organizes, and instructs courses as assigned by the Department Chairperson/supervisor, utilizing the instructional management system, effective communications, classroom management, leadership, and teaching techniques to promote student success. Normal contact hours are 15 18 unless otherwise modified by the Department Chairperson/Dean.

2. Plans and develops new curriculum and courses. Evaluates and revises existing curriculum and courses as assigned. Participates in program review.

3. Participates in the planning and implementation of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (SLOA).

4. Provides ample periods of time for advising students in matters related to academic success, including a minimum of six (6) posted office hours. Serves as an academic advisor as assigned.

5. Assists students as necessary toward the successful completion of the course. Maintains adequate student records. Evaluates and reports students progress and attendance in a timely manner.

6. Works as a team member with other faculty and staff to facilitate routine department operations and achieve departmental goals and objectives. Provides guidance to new and adjunct faculty as assigned.

7. Participates in the College Mentoring Program (for Instructional Division Instructors) during two-year probationary period to ensure understanding of the mission of the College and preparation to instruct students with various learning styles. Completes the basic Educational Technology Certificate program or can demonstrate mastery of the competencies.

8. Maintains professional development/growth, including active involvement in professional organizations, committees, professional development in-service programs, etc.

9. Participates in departmental/campus/College meetings and serves on campus or Collegewide committees. Participates in advisory committee meetings and other college- and student-related activities. Advises student clubs and organizations as required.
10. Participates in developing and implementing college policies, objectives, and/or functions in accordance with the philosophy of the college. Areas include, but are not limited to: departmental program planning, marketing, budget development, and public relations.

11. Assists in the registration process as assigned.

12. Assists in attaining and maintaining program accreditation as needed.

13. Participates in day, evening, and weekend program staffing as requested.

14. Performs other related duties as required.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of instructional techniques and methods.
Knowledge of relevant subject matter in the incumbent s discipline/department.
Knowledge of computers and electronic instructional methodology.
Knowledge and understanding of competency-based learning.
Ability to develop teaching strategies that will promote successful learning by addressing different learning styles and strategies.
Ability to use assessment to enhance learning.
Ability to understand, evaluate, and make appropriate use of instructional technology.
Ability to form an inclusive environment that respects diverse talents and ways of learning.
Ability to understand and maintain a commitment to Equal Access/Equal Opportunity.
Ability to work effectively in a diverse community and meet the needs of diverse student populations.
Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
Ability to effectively communicate subject matter content and to relate to a diverse population in a multicultural environment.

Minimum Qualifications

Possession of a Bachelor s degree in Nursing. Master s degree in Nursing preferred.
Four (4) years of relevant work experience.
Possession of, or eligibility for, a valid license to practice as a registered nurse in the State of Delaware or compact state at time of application and during employment in this position; demonstrated knowledge of subject matter in areas of nursing, teaching methods, clinical skills, and nursing protocol; ability to communicate subject matter in a diverse population; ability to function in clinical setting without limitation. Must be able to meet the essential functions as outlined for a clinical faculty member.

Principal AccountabilityPerformance Requirements

Ability to use sensesVisual acuity with corrective lenses to identify color changes in skin, respiratory movements in clients, read fine print/writing on physicians orders, monitors, equipment calibrations, measure medications in syringes, IVs, etc.

Hearing ability with auditory aides to hear monitor alarms, emergency signals, call bells, telephone orders; to hear blood pressure, heart, lung, and abdominal sounds with a stethoscope; to understand a normal speaking voice without viewing the speaker s face.

Motor AbilityPhysical ability to walk long distances, to stand for prolong periods, to life, move, and transfer patients, equipment of 50 lbs. or more, to maneuver in limited space, to perform CPR, to provide routine and emergency patient care, to have manual dexterity and feeling ability of hands to insert tubes, prepare medications, and perform technical skills.

Ability to CommunicateAbility to communicate effectively in verbal and written form through interaction with clients, family, and health care members; to write clearly and correctly on client s record for legal documentation.

Ability to Problem-SolveIntellectual and conceptual ability for measuring, calculating, reasoning, analyzing, prioritizing, and synthesizing data.

Ability to Maintain Emotional StabilityAbility to function safely under stress and adapt to changing clinical and client situations.



A. Faculty must meet all clinical agency requirements.

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